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Welcome to

Friendship Force Leuven

The Friendship Force bring people over the whole world together by exchanges in people homes. So we can make unforgettable experiences and bounds of sustainable friendship.

Meet great people 
Visit wonderful places

Stories of Friendship


FF ambassadors and hosts are people who like new experiences and believe that friendship is a catalyst for a better understanding in the world. The main requirements are the wish to make friends worldwide, an adventurous mind and a flexible approach of unknown situations.

FF-members travel for a short or longer period in groups of 15 or less to a hosting club.There is always a homestay. You decide yourself wether you want to be a hosting family.

As a member you are not obliged to host ambassadors in your home. Of course it is important for a club to have enough host families to make a program possible. Experience learns us that hosting is inspiring and pleasant and gives a lot of friendship.

Since 1977 FF has involved 2 million ambassadors and hosts in 60 countries in international programs. A FF-ambassador stays in the house of a host and participates in the family life.

Maybe they don't speak the same language or belong to a different culture, yet the power of friendship goes beyond these differences.

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